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Bicycle head lights and lamps can serve two functions, to identify you on the road to vehicles, broadcasting a light a few feet ahead of you, which are usually under 100 lumens, or those head lamps and lights that utilize the latest in CREE LED technology broadcasting thousands of lumens of light illuminating hundreds of feet ahead of you. These high end bike lights will literally turn the night into day, great for riding trails or roads at night, and almost all come with a headstrap for wearing the light on your helmet, head or handlebars. These are factory direct, so we cut out a chunk of distribution costs, passing the savings on to you! Check out our YouTube video comparing the amount of illumination each of these lights throw down the road:  Watch Video

TCM122A.jpg Silicone 2 LED Bicycle Head Light - Twin Pack SKU: TCM122 Price: $3.99 Be the first one to write a review

Bicycle head light with 2 LED lights with silicone housing is an inexpensive light that is easy to mount to your handlebars or bike frame. Packaged with two different colors per blister pack. White for front light, red for rear warning light.


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