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Wheel & Valve Lights

Want to really make sure cars see you at night? We've got a variety of wheel, spoke and valve stem LED lights that broadcast patterns and words that will set you apart from everyone else! These are not something you'll find in the stores!

TCM514J.JPG LED Flash Wheel Valve Cap Light for Car / Bike / Motorcycle SKU: TCM514 Price: $0.99 Be the first one to write a review

These LED flash wheel valve cap lights comes with an adapter that can be used for both American and British tire valve stems, and can be used on tires on cars, motorcycle & bicycles. What is more, its light will turn on when the wheel turns, off when it stops, and flash when you are riding at night. Be sure to check local & state laws before using on cars and motorcyles, your state may have restrictions. Comes blister packed with 1 per package, includes 3 AG10 button batteries installed. Remember to unscrew the light from the base and remove the white paper separating contact from the light and the batteries before first use.


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