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Now available at a special introductory price, the Revive Power Tower delivers to your desk, end table or night stand a convenient and decorative solution to charging all your electrical devices! Great solution for hotels and motels that want to end guest complaints about never enough convenient outlets! Hotels/Motels be sure to use your special promotion code on the check out screen (right under the Totals), and hit recalculate after you put in your zip code to get the discount and shipping charges calculated.

Revive_Power_Tower_Socket_Outlet_Vertical_Extension_USB_Charger_E.jpg Revive Power Tower SKU: TCM750 Price: $59.99


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Ever wanted to get rid of those ugly power strips? Wish you could have something attractive on your desk or nightstand that you could charge all your electrical devices, including your phone and tablets? Tired of having to hunt for a 3 prong adapter because your wall socket is only a two pronger?

Well, the Revive Power Tower is your answer! Revive has 8 electrical outlets and 4 high speed USB 2.1a ports that will charge your laptop, notebook, cell phones, smart phones, headphones, MP3 players, tablets, iPod, iPhone or iPads quickly and safely. No more hiding the white power strips behind your furniture.

This sleek tower has a split button on the top that turns on/off each side of the tower and an on/off button just below the USB ports. This makes it handy to have the desk lamp, nightstand lamp plugged into one side while your alarm clock and whatever else you're charging is plugged into the other, so you can easily push the button to shut off the lamp without losing power to the other side!

Hotels & Motels - this is a great addition to your guest rooms. A big complaint by guests is never enough outlets or you have to pull out night stands or crawl under tables or desk and unplug something else to plug in your devices to be charged and then there is never enough outlets! Both you and I have been there! Our promotional discount puts our product well below any of the competition, and even they only have a couple of outlets or 2 USB ports, most only have 1 high speed 2.1a for charging tablets!

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